Travel Street Smarts

  • Spell out your schedule complete with details. Provide a detailed itinerary to generate an accurate quote. Also, ask if the company has a policy regarding extra mileage.
  • Does your group have special needs? Do you want a video-equipped coach? Is handicapped access necessary?
  • Who pays for the coach operator's room? Is the operator's room included in the charter cost? Does the driver need to stay at the same hotel as your group?
  • Be a careful shopper -- remember that a low price does not always guarantee the best product.

Things You Should Know

  • Ask how long the company has been in business. Village Tours & Travel has been providing superior travel experiences since 1980.
  • Request the company's Department of Transportation (DOT) number. A DOT number is required to operate legally and can be used to check the carrier's safety rating. Village Tours & Travel DOT number is 192507.
  • Ask about the company's DOT Safety Rating, which is based on the company's accident record and adherence to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. The highest possible rating is Satisfactory.
  • Inquire about insurance -- an accepted level of insurance is $5 million combined, single-limit liability coverage. We are fully-insured to the required certificate of insurance.
  • Ask for references and personally inspect the equipment, general offices and garage facilities when possible. Village Tours & Travel is located at 8620 West 21st in Wichita, Kansas. Customers are welcome to stop by at any time. Our maintenance facility is at this location.
  • Inquire about fleet size and the average age of equipment. Village Tours & Travel consistently upgrades its fleet to include state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Is the carrier a full-service company? Do they have their own maintenance facilities? Can they provide equipment to meet your needs? Do they arrange tours and special services? Village Tours & Travel is a full service company that offers individual vacation tours, group tour packages and charter services. Please keep in mind that your driver as well as hotel porters will be handling your luggage along the way. Keep it reasonable. Airlines are now restricting baggage weight to 50 lbs and charging extra for luggage weighing more.
  • Ask if the company owns their own motorcoaches or if they rely on another carrier to supply their coaches. Companies relying on other companies may unexpectedly not be able to fulfill your needs leading to frustration if not worse. Village Tours owns all of their coaches so you can be assured of quality and safe equipment.
  • Make sure that the company adheres to the DOT driver regulations that limit a driver to ten hours of actual driving time. If your itinerary exceeds this limit, ask how the company will meet your needs. Also, ask about the company's training and safety procedures. Village conducts ongoing safety education and coach operator training.